Encryption software - DESlock+ Mobile

The DESlock Mobile application for allows you to encrypt and decrypt email and attachments, text and files on you iOS device.

As standard DESlock Mobile protects your data using passwords. It is compatible with the desktop editions of DESlock and the DESlock Reader for Windows and Mac. DESlock Mobile can be activated with a DESlock Enterprise Server, providing remote management and enabling the use of encryption keys, as well or instead of passwords, depending on corporate policy.”

Product Features

File Encryption

Files and documents from other apps can be encrypted and decrypted through the DESlock app and sent to other applications.

Mail Encryption

Simple mail encryption thought the DESlock app where emails can be composed, read and stored from one place.

Attachment Encryption

Encrypt documents and files from other apps and attach to emails to send securely through the DESlock app.

Text & Clipboard Encryption

DESlock works with most text based applications, encrypting text which can then be copied into other apps, documents, emails etc.

Endpoint Compatibility

The mobile app is fully compatible with the desktop editions of DESlock and the DESlock reader for windows and mac

Centralised Management

Full control of licencing, activation and encryption keys through the DESlock Enterprise Server management system.

DESlock Pro
the next level of encryption security

DESlock Pro Edition provides your organisation with the next level of encryption security. Offering the standard file, folder and mail encryption software plus these additional features: Full Disk encryption, Removable Media encryption and DESlock Go portable encryption.
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Product Versions

DESlock Mobile


Managed Mode

File Encryption

Email Encryption

Text & Clipboard Encryption

Encryption using Passwords

Encryption using Encryption Keys


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