ESET Remote Administrator Server

  • 6.4.29


    • Added: Post installation wizard in the ERA Web Console for deploying the All-in-one package for ERA Agent, ESET product, license and policy.
    • Added: Support for "proxy fallback" communication, in case when configured proxy server is not reachable (for all ERA components).
    • Added: Turkish and Greek localizations.
    • Changed: The ERA Virtual Appliance now contains a functional CentOS 7 operating system and has added the Webmin interface to perform many server management options.
    • Changed: “Device enrollment” task removed from Client tasks.
    • Improved: Agent deployment process allows you to deploy ERA Agent and ESET Endpoint at the same time by creating All-in-one installer for the Agent and Endpoints, or generating scripts for GPO/SCCM deployment (.ini files).
    • Improved: License Management screen and license selection options with improved filtering and license identification for License Key, Offline File and Security Admin license types.
    • Improved: Policies are now grouped by product with expanding/collapsing policy categories.
    • Improved: Mobile Device Enrollment no longer requires IMEI to whitelist devices and now there are two enrollment options, mass enrollment using email and single device enrollment.
    • Improved: Redesigned "Import CSV" wizard for adding multiple mobile devices or computers.
    • Improved: You can now deselect individual selections after using the “select all” check box for all tables in the ERA Web Console.
    • Improved: Added the option to drag-and-drop entries in the ERA Web Console.
    • Improved: Updated the All-in-one installer Setup with improved resources (quick setup guide, Admin guide, videos), guidance (more tooltips) and functionality (installers now display the estimated install time for components) for better user experience.
    • Improved: SMTP setting now allows a different recipient email from the sender email when sending the test email.
    • Improved: Added more sections and topics to Online Help.
    • Fixed: Known issue when Server and Proxy cannot be started in Linux failover cluster. Issue is caused by incorrect cluster scripts shipped with the setup scripts. It can be worked around by manually replacing the cluster scripts. with fixed versions (after install/upgrade). Even if the fixed cluster scripts are used, ERA Server and Proxy are not protected with SELinux policies in Linux cluster. In addition there is a minor bug in the Agent SELinux policy which makes impossible for the Agent to discover Server on the cluster nodes.
    • Fixed: The wipe function doesn't work on iOS devices. As a workaround, use Client Task called Anti-Theft Actions and choose Enhanced factory reset option in Settings. This will wipe an iOS device despite the fact there isn't an apple icon indicating it can be run on iOS devices.
    • Fixed: There is a spelling mistake in License Manager section of ESET Remote Administrator Web Console, where word "Business" appended to each license is misspelled as "Bussiness".
    • Fixed: Other minor fixes and improvements.
  • 6.3.12


    • Added: Mobile Device Management for Apple iOS devices (ability to enroll iOS devices into ERA, configure policies, and execute Anti-Theft actions)
    • Added: Support for ESET Virtualization Security for VMware vShield (new component, ESET Virtual Agent Host allows virtualization of agents for all VMs protected with agentless solution using VMware vShield Endpoint)
    • Added: Support for SysLog export (ability to send to a SysLog server, which exports the logged Notifications area (for example, Scan Log, Virus Log, Firewall Log) from ESET Remote Administrator Server)
    • Added: User Management (ability to synchronize users lists from Active Directory to use them in ERA reports and policies (Web control/Device control/iOS profiles))
    • Added: Ability to search within a policy tree
    • Added: Option to create new ESET Remote Administrator Certification Authority during Certificate creation
    • Added: Option to install or upgrade standalone Apache HTTP Proxy is available in the all-in one installer
    • Changed: Completely redesigned tasks and triggers section to allow the ability to observe granular tasks status and rerun tasks including failed tasks
    • Changed: Licensing view now includes information about “subunits” (mailboxes, connections, users) and their use, and also displays license type
    • Changed: Anti-Theft actions task has been improved and icons of supported platforms have been added to task details
    • Improved: It is now possible to view SysInspector snapshots history and logs in the Client Details window and to view exported configurations as a list with the possibility to expand details for each export
    • Improved: Redesigned mobile device enrollment process
    • Improved: it is now possible to use a “does not contain” condition (negation) in dynamic group creation wizard
    • Improved: Other minor usability improvements
    • Improved: Dynamic groups for mobile devices are added by default
    • Improved: Documentation improvements and changes
    • Fixed: System is unresponsive or crashes with ERA Agent and ERA Server installed, due to issues caused by Microsoft WFP bug
    • Fixed: “Threat Details” option is unavailable from some threat reports
    • Fixed: Problems with ESET Remote Administrator agent waking up computers from sleep
    • Fixed: Admin cannot remove password protection from policy without knowing the client password
    • Fixed: Agent UUID is displayed in generated email for notification instead of the computer name
    • Fixed: Unable to deploy ESET Remote Administrator for Mac OS X on OS X 10.11 El Capitan
    • Fixed: Reported application crashes
    • Fixed: Other minor bug fixes
  • 6.2.11


    • Added: Post-installation task wizard for deploying the ERA appliance
    • Added: User login protection with two-factor authentication
    • Added: Support for ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 6.2, ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server 6.2, ESET Endpoint Security 6.1 for OS X 6.1 and ESET Virtualization Security (in the form of new tasks, logs and configurations)
    • Added: View ESET SysInspector Logs in ESET Remote Administrator Web Console
    • Added: Option to migrate policies from ESET Remote Administrator version 5 and ability to change exported configuration into policy
    • Added: Offline Mirror Tool to create stand-alone offline update mirror for ESET endpoint products
    • Added: New server tasks to automatically remove non-connecting computers and to automatically rename computers using FQDN or Computer name
    • Added: Option to deactivate licenses on computers using a Server Task
    • Added: New dashboard section that shows versions of installed application and the status when applications are out-of-date (for example, when newer versions of applications are available)
    • Improved: Threats options in the Web Console have been improved (for example, “Threat Details” have been added), and managing threats has been changed for improved user experience
    • Improved: All-in-one installer has been improved, it now allows installations of SQL Express 2014 on newer systems, installation of another SQL Express instance, option to select Mobile Device Connector installation, and installation support on Microsoft Small Business Server and Domain Controllers
    • Improved: All-in-one installer can be used for uninstallation of ESET Remote Administrator components
    • Improved: ERA appliance deployment has been redesigned and post-deployment setup can now be performed using the Web Console
    • Improved: Tasks now include trace-level information in new “trace message” column in the Executions tab of task details to provide troubleshooting information
    • Improved: Ability to pin closed the left Web Console pane
    • Improved: A refresh button has been added to applicable Web Console screens
    • Improved: Several context menu options have been added to various Web Console screens
    • Improved: Ability to filter computers based on workgroup memberships using the Dynamic group template expression
    • Improved: Other usability and Web Console performance improvements
    • Fixed: Issue when “Last connected time” shown for a mobile device does not show the actual connection time of the device, but only the last replication on the associated agent instance from ESET Mobile Device Connector
    • Fixed: When you uninstall the ESET Remote Administrator Agent from version 5.x and 4.x ESET business products, the license seat will remain "used,” and it will not return the seat back to the pool (as it would for ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security 6)
    • Fixed: OVA Appliances for ESET Remote Administrator Proxy and ESET Mobile Device Connector was supported only on VMware vSphere
    • Fixed: Computer name resolution does not work correctly in cases where the computer connects to ESET Remote Administrator Server for the first time and is behind a NAT or visible by ISP IP Address
    • Fixed: It was not possible to uninstall password-protected ESET products using ESET Remote Administrator (password protection must be disabled first)
    • Fixed: An incorrect IP address of a computer is sometimes shown in ESET Remote Administrator Web Console when the computer has multiple network adapters
    • Fixed: Live Agent Installer on Windows XP 32-bit SP3 requested elevated privileges (displayed a pop-up message)
    • Fixed: Proxy does not cache installer packages for the ESET Remote Administrator Agent on Windows and OS X, when push deployment is performed
    • Fixed: You cannot correctly perform an upgrade of ESET Remote Administrator Agent on OS X (for example, Agent upgrade on OS X 10.9 via task will not work)
    • Fixed: Various other bug fixes
  • 6.1.33


    • Fixed: Problem with ERA Server crashing when the string ")" is entered in quick search in ESET Remote Administrator Web Console
    • Fixed: Problem with High CPU usage by ESET Remote Administrator Agent when communicating with WMI host
    • Fixed: Certificates do not support the use of special characters. You cannot start ESET Remote Administrator Server and Agent Service when Certificates include these characters
    • Fixed: Caching of updates using transparent web proxy does not work correctly when you configure the update server to "autoselect.” Every ESET endpoint product installation can be updated from a different server, which makes the caching function ineffective
    • Fixed: Issues with inaccurate Microsoft Windows update statuses for computers in ERA Web Console
    • Fixed: Issues with ESET Remote Administrator Agent module updates failing ("recent update attempts failed" error message)
    • Fixed: Server crashes during repository synchronization after retrieving URL redirection http response codes
    • Fixed: Issue where it was not possible to connect ESET Remote Administrator server to non-English instances of Microsoft SQL Server
    • Fixed: Apache HTTP Proxy (or any standard web proxy with cache) issue where updates were not cached correctly
    • Fixed: ESET Remote Administrator Agent / Server service doesn’t start when the certificate contains the character "\"
    • Fixed: Issue where ESET Remote Administrator Agent installation fails when certificate name contains the character "*"
    • Fixed: Issue where ESET Endpoint Security was not reporting newly discovered threat events to ESET Remote Administrator server via ERA Agent
    • Fixed: Issue where it is not possible to install ESET Remote Administrator agent using agent live installer when installation packages are downloaded via http proxy
    • Fixed: Localization issues
    • Changed: When deploying ESET Remote Administrator Agent in the ‘Computers’ tab, the user will be presented with a dialog where they can choose from four deployment methods: Software management tool, Agent Live Installer, push installation, or local installation
    • Changed: "Worst functionality problem" column in ESET Remote Administrator "Computers" tab is now hidden by default. Tooltip recommends that users drill down to computer details to observe reported problems (for cases where customers were trying to resolve symptoms, rather than the root cause of an issue)
    • Improved: It will be possible to upgrade from versions (December release) and to version using the ESET Remote Administrator Component upgrade task
  • 6.1.28


    • New version 6 released
  • 5.3.39


    • Fixed: Remote client update task now supports .msi-installers with updated digital signatures and allows seamless client upgrade to version 5.0.2260.x and later.
    • Fixed: With any other than blank password for the administrator account, the User Manager will refuse to create new users.
    • Added: Updated copyright statement for all product components
  • 5.3.33


    • Added: New remote installation method (WMI) and streamlined export process for WSUS and GPO deployments.
    • Changed: Faster network scan thanks to configurable multi-threading.
    • Added: System tray notification on new and unmanaged computers linked to remote installation wizard.
    • Added: User friendly notification and temporary deactivation of firewall module for installation packages with applicable products.
    • Added: Clickable interface for component-based installation.
    • Added: Server allows relocation of installation package to local network share to save bandwidth in distant branches.
    • Added: Remote installation of custom packages can collect optional output and transfer it back to server.
    • Added: New server API extensions and command-line console including native 64-bit library variant.
    • Changed: API library is now easier to link with other than C/C based projects.
    • Added: Improved static and parametric group management.
    • Added: Optional server license pool control.
    • Added: Main console window allows hiding of any unused tab.
    • Added: Time-limited policies.
    • Added: Special handling for unexpected client duplicates and simplified deleting of locked clients.
    • Added: Multiple console custom views.
  • 5.2.26


    • Remote uninstallation procedure does not work for ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for Mac OS X 4.1.97 and later
    • The OS X remote installation progress monitor will not continue to update if the target computer reboot option is chosen to run after the installation
    • Using ERA Maintenance Tool to edit server configuration corrupts the configuration xml (JPN only)
    • Parameter evaluation in dynamic groups and policy rules ignores the "Last connection older than"-condition (FRA only)
  • 5.2.22


    • Added: API with documented source code and ERA Command-line Console (eraapi.dll and eracmd.exe)
    • Added: Reports available to export to PDF
    • Added: Retrieving Dual IP address using SysInspector reports (for machines behind a gateway or NAT)
    • Added: Basic network actions from console (for example: Wake on LAN, Ping, Shutdown, RDP, and Message)
    • Added: Log forwarding to Syslog (to enable log forwarding, some additional configuration is required)
    • Improved: Remote deployment for Linux and Mac OS X
    • Improved: Remote installation of custom package with redirected output to attach data as part of task details
    • Fixed: Some server products are missing in the configuration template for program component update (PCU) mirror setup (ENU version only)
    • Fixed: Logon Script installation type failure with pre-configured default credentials
    • Fixed: Activating the notification “Test It” option might result in server crash
    • Fixed: Incorrect time calculation during scheduled remote push installation
    • Fixed: Upgrade from version 5.0.x could corrupt all saved search-tasks using Active Directory services
    • Fixed: The client upgrade task might end with an error with many parallel installation instances
  • 5.1.38


    • Fixed: Hardening security of dashboard reports against HTML injections
    • Fixed: Quarantined entries from ESET Mail/File/Gateway Security are not reported correctly to ESET Remote Administrator
    • Fixed: Manually created search tasks in ESET Remote Administrator 5.0 are not correctly migrated when upgrading to ESET Remote Administrator 5.1.x
    • Fixed: Parallel, remote upgrade task for multiple client endpoints terminates unexpectedly on some of the included endpoints
    • Fixed: Update module returns inconsistent information on virus DB version
    • Fixed: Several localization issues
    • Changed: Installation packages sent by email can be compressed using ZIP-method
  • 5.1.34


    • Added: New products to ESET Configuration Editor – ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server, ESET Security 4.5 for Kerio, ESET File Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server
    • Added: New options for existing products in ESET Configuration Editor – ESET Mail Security for IBM Lotus Domino, ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server, Endpoint Security for Android, ESET Endpoint Security, ESET Endpoint Antivirus
    • Added: Remote install method for ESET Endpoint Security for Android (How do I push install ESET Endpoint Security for Android using ESET Remote Administrator?)
    • Added: Dashboard improvements – in-browser edit mode for dashboard templates
    • Added: SMTPs mail server support for notifications and reports
    • Added: Replication scheme – ability to skip verification of incoming lower server versus pre-defined static list
    • Added: Apple Open Directory and OpenLDAP support for network search and group synchronization [see section 5.2.3 in the ESET Remote Administrator User Guide]
    • Added: Policy migration to convert v3/v4 settings to v5-compatible configuration (How do I use the Policy Migration Wizard in ESET Remote Administrator?)
    • Removed: Gateway Security 4.5 for MS Forefront TMG configuration options removed from ESET Configuration Editor
    • Enhancement: Visual policy manager UI re-design while adding further policy metadata
  • 5.0.511


    • Fix: Remote Installation Agent cannot be registered on Windows Vista, 7, 2008, 2008 R2, 8, 2012 when ERAS runs as LocalSystem Account
    • Fix: Remote uninstallation task detail will display an error if running other than Microsoft Access Database
    • Fix: When updating the virus signature database, the process will hang at about 40% and possibly freeze ERAS
    • Fix: Mail server rule with condition "By attachment type" is empty when you edit created rule
    • Fix: Report storage folder grows in size despite strict overwriting is expected
    • Fix: SNMP Trap is not working properly on Windows Server 2012
    • Fix: Web and Device control log level inconsistency across Endpoint clients, ERA client properties and ERA reporting
    • Fix: ERAS Installer – ERA HTTP Server cannot be installed during upgrade from on Windows Server 2012
    • Fix: ERAS Installer fails if User Name contains "%s"
    • Fix: Unable to add/exclude certificates in configuration task
  • 5.0.242


    • Added: New language versions—French (FRA), German (DEU), Chinese Simplified (CHS), Chinese Traditional (CHT), Italian (ITA), Japanese (JPN), Polish (PLK), Portuguese Brazilian (PTB), Russian (RUS), Spanish International (ESN), Spanish Latin (ESL)
    • Fixed: Issues with server lock-ups resulting from unsuccessful Virus Signature Database update
    • Fixed: Issues with product's PCU not supported for download to mirror
    • Fixed: Issues with displaying wrong “Last Scan Date” order in the ERA Console
    • Fixed: Issue with non-translated text in details of configuration task
    • Fixed: Issues with ERA Server Replication—replicated logs were displayed in wrong order using MS Access
    • Changed: New ESET SysInspector in all languages containing version update and multiple bug-fixes
    • Changed: Configuration template updates for ESET Endpoint Security for Android and Windows Server product line (Exchange, Domino, Forefront TMG and SharePoint products)
    • Changed: Web Control configuration dialog was re-sized
    • Changed: Other localization-specific GUI fine tuning
  • 5.0.122


    • Added: Ability to block portable devices in Device control for Windows Vista and later
    • Fix: ERA HTTP Server service cannot start on HTTP port on Windows Server 2003
    • Fix: Issues with program modules not being updated on clients updating from ERA mirror server
    • Fix: Issues with adding Active Directory groups to the 'Rule Editor' for Device control and Web control
    • Fix: ESET Endpoint Antivirus/ESET Endpoint Security not appearing in the list of downloadable installers in 'Installation Packages Editor'
    • Fix: Issues with 'Advanced installation' of ERA Server when using Service Account
    • Fix: Issues with randomization of tasks (Update, Scan)
    • Fix: Occasional crashing of 'Configuration Editor'
    • Fix: Manually quarantined files on clients are not reported to ERA
  • 5.0.119

    • Fix: Exception errors found occasionally in logs
    • Fix: Maintenance tool unable to open server configuration
    • Fix: Occasional crashes of Configuration Editor during creation of configuration
    • Fix: Creation of multiple reports simultaneously disconnects the console from server
    • Fix: Issues with reports generated in CSV format
    • Fix: Limited maximum allowed size of installation package
    • Fix: Port detector prevents installation
    • Fix: Authorization fail during creation of update mirror with an ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition license
    • Fix: Issue with memory leaks in HTTP server
    • Fix: Firewall rules merge wizard does not display rules created on client running ESET Endpoint Security
    • Fix: Issue with Remote install search task using IPv6 displaying error
    • Fix: Installation fails on Windows Server 2003 if installation of HTTP dashboard server is not selected
    • Fix: Transfer of Oracle database to MSSQL fails
    • Fix: Database error displayed on the tab "Device control log" when a filter is used
    • Fix: Value "Storage restore" is disabled in Maintenance tool after ESET Remote Administrator server is installed
    • Fix: Report "Top storage devices blocked" not displaying any data
    • Fix: Incomplete list of available program components for remote installation of ESET Endpoint Security
  • 4.0.138

    • Fixed minor problem with re-installation from ERA 3 to ERA 4
    • Number of fixes related to localization
  • 4.0.136

    • Differentiated configuration editor branch for remote management of Mac OS X/Linux Desktop products
    • Updated configuration template in configuration editor
    • Added missing IPv6/IPv4 option in firewall rule setting
    • Fixed problems with enumerating computers in remote install tab
    • Fixed duplicating policies by replication
    • Fixed problem with starting of HTTP server
    • Fixed problem with Windows/Domain authentication for ERAS connection under Windows 2000
    • Fixed problem with restore/delete from quarantine task of file with more than 254 characters
    • Fixed problem with re-installation from ERA 1 to ERA 4
    • Fixed problem with re-installation from ERA 3 to ERA 4
    • Mirror for nod32v2 bugfixed
    • Number of other fixes and minor improvements
  • 4.0.122


    • Added support for Kerberos and NTLM2 to Windows/Domain authentication of the console to the server
    • Added new report templates
    • Fixed user action logging if more consoles are connected
    • Protection from server overload – limited count of active threads


    • Finalized product documentation
    • Added possibility of re-sending a task, or only re-sending it to clients/computers where it finished with an error or warning (Run Task Again, Task for Failed Clients)
    • Added possibility to create a task from the contextual menu in selected panes
    • Fixed issues with long names of groups
    • Added numbering of columns which can be used for sorting
    • Added support for re-installation from ERA versions 1.x, 2.x, 3.x
    • Updated configuration template for supported new ESET products
    • Added support for zipped license files
    • Number of fixes and minor improvements
  • 4.0.39

    Remote installation and search for unregistered clients

    • Completely re-worked concept of remote installation and displaying of unregistered clients
    • Possibility of parallel, not blocking, schedulable installation from server (in the form of task)
    • Significantly improved search for unregistered clients (NetBios search, Active Directory search, IP range/mask, Custom)
    • Filtering of clients list
    • New type of remote installation - upgrade client (requires ESET NOD32 Antivirus/ESET Smart Security version 4.2 and above)
    • Possibility of exporting msi package along with configuration

    Group manager

    • Hierarchical static groups with tree structure, possibility of synchronization with Active Directory
    • Added new hierarchical parametric groups with tree structure, with possibility of setting a variety of static and status parameters


    • Possibility of clients filtering based on policy
    • Support for new groups in filters


    • Added new parameters in policy rules
    • Possibility of importing/exporting of policies and policy rules in xml format
    • Part of configuration which was inherited within the policy configuration is highlighted
    • Possibility of merging Scheduler tasks
    • Added wizard for mapping groups with policies

    Notification manager

    • Added support for parametric groups
    • Additional parameters for triggers Finished Task Event, Server State and Client State

    Centralized quarantine management (requires ESET NOD32 Antivirus/ESET Smart Security version 4.2 and above)

    • Common display of quarantine
    • New task of restore/delete file from quarantine
    • Possibility to save file in quarantine using the console


    • Possibility to use static and parametric groups in filter for reports
    • Added new types of reports (mobile log, quarantine, firewall)
    • Additional CSV information in table reports
    • Possibility of import/export of report templates

    Firewall Rules Merge Wizard Windows/domain authentication in console

    • Possibility of logging selected user actions to server log
    • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) implemented


    • Unified GUI of scheduled tasks

    Added support for Windows Clustering and added support for new and upcoming products

    • ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server
    • ESET NOD32 Antivirus/ESET Smart Security version 4.2
    • ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Mac OS X/Linux workstations
    • New generation of products for mobile devices


    • Added support of re-installation from ERA version 3.x, with support for migrating data
    • Possibility to define account for running the ERA server service