ESET Secure Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication

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  • Installer with AV Remover: We recommend this option if you previously had a non-ESET antivirus solution installed on your system.
  • Installer without AV Remover: Select this option if you are using ESET Remote Administrator to deploy to your client machines.
  • Eset Remote Administrator Version 6 is managed through a web console and can only manage version 6 endpoint products. To confirm which product is most suited to your environment, please Check here.
  • To activate Version 6 products, you will need a licence key. To obtain one you must convert your current legacy Username and Password to a licence key. To do this, go to ESET Licence Administrator.

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A valid Username and Password is required for this download.
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System Requirements

Change Log

  • 2.5.23


    • Fixed: 2FA protection of RDP can be bypassed without entering the second factor. Affects ESA RDP component version
  • 2.5.22


    • Added: Push Authentication for Android
    • Added: Ability to install new version without uninstalling current version (valid for versions above 2.5)
    • Added: Ability to add and remove components to existing installation (valid for versions above 2.5)
    • Added: Ability to repair installation (valid for versions above 2.5)
    • Added: Group settings for multiple computers (Windows logins, RDP, ADFS, IIS)
    • Added: Windows 10 support (including TH2)
    • Added: Support for Android 7 (Nougat)
    • Added: Compatibility support for components (v2.4 components can connect to new Authentication server v2.5)
    • Added: Separate MSI is created during the installation in a dedicated folder
    • Added: Settings button in Android app UI
    • Added: New languages in Android app: Dutch, Italian, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional
    • Added: EULA was added to Android app
    • Improved: Various stability, security and internal improvements
    • Improved: Various UI improvements
    • Changed: Minimum supported version for Android is now 2.3 (currently provisioned apps installed on devices running Android 2.2 will remain functional but will not be eligible for latest update)update KB2893
    • Changed: Updated EULA
    • Fixed: Minor bug fixes
  • 2.4.13


    • Added: Local Login Protection for Windows in a domain environment
    • Added: IP address whitelisting
    • Added: Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 3.0 integration support
    • Added: Custom delivery options for provisioning and SMS OTPs
    • Added: RADIUS Access-Challenge feature
    • Added: Hard token authentication without compound support
    • Added: ESA Services automatic recovery/restart options set to "Restart the Service" by default
    • Added: Remote Web Access in Windows SBS 2008 and Windows SBS 2011
    • Improved: Documentation of Login protection of RADIUS PAM modules on Linux/Mac
    • Improved: Shared, local logins for ESET Secure Authentication and Deslock on the same machine
    • Fixed: ESET Secure Authentication cannot be installed in multiple domain Active Directory environments by admin other than Domain Admin
    • Fixed: When an SMS OTP user is logged into OWA on Exchange 2010 and the browser session is idle, the system may send an occasional SMS OTP despite the fact that the user is already logged in
    • Fixed: Domain Admin prerequisite fails
    • Fixed: ESET Secure Authentication installation fails on Terminal Server
    • Fixed: MMC snap-in errors on Advanced Settings. WCF connection timeout in connector does not work
    • Fixed: Prerequisite check for 'CN=Program Data' in "AD Containers location"
    • Fixed: RDP service will wait for required services to start
    • Fixed: Bugfixes and other improvements
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