ESET File Security for Linux/BSD

ESET File Security for Linux/BSD

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  • Installer with AV Remover: We recommend this option if you previously had a non-ESET antivirus solution installed on your system.
  • Installer without AV Remover: Select this option if you are using ESET Remote Administrator to deploy to your client machines.
  • Eset Remote Administrator Version 6 is managed through a web console and can only manage version 6 endpoint products. To confirm which product is most suited to your environment, please Check here.
  • To activate Version 6 products, you will need a licence key. To obtain one you must convert your current legacy Username and Password to a licence key. To do this, go to ESET Licence Administrator.

If you have not yet purchased this product and wish to take advantage of a free 30 day trial, please click here to request a trial which will then be sent to you.


32bit - Installers

Download one of these if you are unsure of your operating system.

64bit - Installers

Will ONLY work on "64bit based operating systems".


A valid Username and Password is required for this download.
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System Requirements

Products covered:

  • ESET File Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris
  • ESET Mail Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris
  • ESET Gateway Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris

Processor Architecture
i386 (Intel® 80386), amd64 (x86_64)

Operating Systems

Kernel version 2.6 or higher
glibc 2.2.5 or higher

Version 6.x, 7.x or 8.x (version 5.x is not supported with ESET version 4.x and later)

Version 4.x

Sun Solaris
Version 10

Dazuko kernel module (File Security)
2.0.0 or higher

Minimum system memory requirements: 32 MB.

Disk Space
Minimum requirements: 120 MB for installation plus additional disk space for temporary files.

Change Log



    • Improved: Compatibility on XFS file system with inode64
    • Fixed: Full installation path is displayed in the wwwi interface after typing in special URL
    • Fixed: Files are not deleted properly after uninstallation
    • Fixed: Horus Anti-spam engine does not properly update after activation with ESET Secure Business license
    • Fixed: Configuration settings on the endpoint product and the ERA policy do not match


    • Improved: Default certificate for web console now uses SHA-256 and RSA-2048
    • Fixed: SMTP-session was not correctly recognized in some cases
    • Fixed: Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is now properly loaded from /etc/domainname
    • Fixed: Copyright information now shows current year
    • Fixed: Resolved vulnerability where attacker could disable ESET Mail/File/Gateway Security before initialization


    • Added: Full compatibility with ESET Remote Administrator 6
    • Added: Online Help available on (Business tab)
    • Changed: New ESET Antispam Engine and corresponding settings
    • Changed: Removed support for Sun Solaris 10 and NetBSD 4
    • Improved: ESET Gateway Security is able to recognize "X-Forwarded-For" HTTP header when used by another proxy
    • Improved: Updated manual pages and product documentation
    • Fixed: Problem scanning archives and large files with on-access protection
    • Fixed: Problem running multiple, simultaneous update processes
    • Fixed: Configuration changes made in esets.cfg cannot be changed using web management interface (WWWi)
    • Fixed: Problem with "virus_log" being sent to ESET Remote Administrator multiple times
    • Fixed: Other minor fixes and optimizations
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