ESET Endpoint Antivirus for OS X

ESET Endpoint Antivirus for OS X

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  • To ensure a smooth transition, ESET recommends uninstalling your current protection before installing ESET software. Click here to access the list of uninstallers for common antivirus programs.
  • Click here for clear instructions on how to install ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for Mac OS X.

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System Requirements

Processor Architecture: 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64), AMD®, Intel®
Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard) and newer
Memory: 156 MB
Disk Space (Download): 35 MB
Disk Space (Installation): 66 MB

Change Log

  • 6.4.168


    • Added: Product will automatically try to restart ESET Service if it crashes
    • Added: Notification appears when ESET Service is not responding
    • Added: Ability to hide product icon in Menu Bar Extras (tray icon)
    • Added: OpenSSL replaced by Apple native security framework
    • Added: Firewall has ability to automatically allow software signed by Apple to access network
    • Added: Status notification about migration of Media Control to Device Control when upgrading from version 4 to version 6
    • Added: Product verifies ESET SSL certificate on all supported OS X/macOS
    • Added: Upgraded POCO parsing library to the latest build
    • Added: Setup information from Installer is stored as data and interpreted by ESET Service
    • Fixed: esets_proxy listening on port 57856
    • Fixed: Unnecessary and frequent logging by ESET Service after user changed /etc/pam.d/sudo
    • Fixed: Zero files scanned after completed scan in hard drive
    • Fixed: esets_proxy crash under various special circumstances
    • Fixed: Long delay after system reboot
    • Fixed: Kernel panic in version on wrongly formatted exclusions in policy from ESET Remote Administrator
    • Fixed: Interactive firewall prompts appear for ESET signed software or Apple-signed software
    • Fixed: Unexpected error message shown in logs
    • Fixed: FaceTime is blocked by firewall in default configuration
    • Fixed: Notification that computer will shut down in 60 seconds but computer actually shuts down in 2 seconds
    • Fixed: Device Control logs appear even when the feature is disabled
    • Fixed: Incorrect name of Network protection module in Help section
    • Fixed: Application path for application rules created in ERA is not displayed
    • Fixed: Wording improvements in multiple language editions
  • 6.3.85


    • Added: Support for macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
    • Fixed: Device Control - Multiple rules matching the same device do not all work
    • Fixed: Network Traffic filtering cannot be enabled from the Menu bar icon after disabling Protection statuses
    • Fixed: Web access protection cannot be started if a policy with disabled HTTP protocol checking was unassigned from ERA
    • Fixed: Web Protection statistics are not available if Email Protection is not installed
  • 6.2.7


    • Added: Ability to define Proxy Server for each Primary and Secondary update server
    • Added: Hide/show notifications from the Protection Status screen (E.g. License expiration, Web access/Email protection, Firewall disabled or Computer restart required)
    • Added: Media to scan allows user to exclude media from the Real-time protection (Local drives, Removable media, Network media)
    • Added: Increased compatibility with OS X during scanning network volumes by real-time scanner
    • Fixed: esets_proxy deadlock causing the HTTP freeze
    • Fixed: Problems loading websites when Web Access Protection is turned on
    • Fixed: Some Device control logs were not displayed in the Logs section
    • Fixed: Incorrect volume size mentioned in the Device control logs
    • Fixed: Device control triggers a wrong notification when media is blocked
    • Fixed: The product could not be activated after an upgrade from version
    • Fixed: Settings not saved after an upgrade from ESET Endpoint Antivirus to ESET Endpoint Security and vice versa
    • Fixed: Web control group rules did not work for the subgroup users
    • Fixed: Mounted DMG packages were not displayed in the Scan targets
    • Fixed: License expiration date not visible when using custom date format defined in OS X
    • Fixed: Minor changes in the product’s GUI descriptions and tooltips
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