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Our latest Internet security looking after you online. Connect securely on social networks, browse the internet or just play.

  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware
  • Anti-Theft
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Personal Firewall
  • Antispam
  • Botnet Protection
  • Parental Control
  • Social Media Scanner
  • Exploit Blocker
  • Advanced Memory Scanner
  • Vulnerability Shield
  • Device Control

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A Great time online
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Safer online begins with our proven Antivirus and Antispyware Inside you find a number of unique anti-malware technologies.

Foiling web browser attacks is a job for Exploit Blocker. Vulnerability Shield closes common weaknesses in the network.

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Your laptop's friend in need – Anti-Theft

In case you lose your device, don't lose your head. There's hope. Through our Anti-Theft online interface start searching for it.

Activate Anti-Theft

Track its position, view webcam snapshots and send a message to the finder. All this to give you the clues so you can re-unite.


Stay protected while using social media. Decide which information is visible to public, and make changes to your profile you see fit.

Access ESET Social Media Scanner
  • On Facebook, protect you and our friend's timeline messages and newsfeed against malware.
  • On Twitter, protect your profile and posts, as well as those you follow against malicious links.


Identity Theft Protection

Steer clear of websites stealing usernames or banking details - with Anti-Phishing. Put a stop to private data copying to external devices - with Device Control.

Keep Kids Safe Online

Show them only the safe side of the Internet. With Parental Control, block over 20 website categories or add your own.

Enjoy Your Computer's
Full Power

Small System Footprint lets you stay connected without slowdowns. Do away with distractions with Gamer Mode as you run programs in full screen.

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Install and Forget
or Tweak Away

Enjoy top protection with default settings. Set maximum scanning depth, time and size of scanned objects - with Advanced User Settings.

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System requirements

Operating Systems:

Microsoft® Windows® 10
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1
Microsoft® Windows® 8
Microsoft® Windows® 7
Microsoft® Windows® Vista
Microsoft® Windows® XP


Product requires an Internet connection.

ESSH - Product Overview

Our Latest Technology Working for You


Botnet Protection
Brand new technology that protects against infiltration by botnet malware - preventing spam and network attacks launched from your computer.


Advanced Memory Scanner
Gives you extra protection from heavily-encrypted malware. Scans for threats directly in the system‘s memory.


Exploit Blocker
A powerful defence against threats avoiding detection. Stops attacks on browsers, document readers and email clients.

ESET Unilicence

Protect multiple operating systems installed on a single machine: Windows, Mac, or Linux.
Upgrade to a newer product version as we release it – completely free.
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