ESET Marketing Benefits

Marketing Support

Partnership Promotion (ESET logo)

All our partners receive an Eset a logo befitting their partnership status to indicate their association with Eset. These can be used on the websites, emails or other marketing collateral. Partners with a specific association, such as an education partner, will have additional logos to reflect this relationship.

Co-Branded Collateral

All of our marketing collateral is available to partners at all levels with their own branding and company contact details on. This is undertaken by Eset with no charge made to the partner and is supplied in electronic format either as a low resolution PDF for electronic circulation or a high resolution PDF for printing.

This range of collateral includes case studies, data sheets and product literature. Provision of this range of high quality collateral with our partner’s company information on at no charge is not undertaken by any other vendor.

Joint Case Studies

We are always seeking out new case studies and will undertake all of the writing and coordination of information with the end customer on behalf of our partners so long as we are in a position to use the case study when completed. All our partner’s or a willing end user need to do is put us in contact with the relevant person.

These case studies can then be used by our partners as part of their own marketing and sales collateral.

Website Templates

We currently provide a basic range of websites templates. This range is being expanded along with advice on optimising your own Eset web pages.

A wide range of graphics and other information is provided in order to enable our partners to create their own Eset web pages. Gold and silver partners are required to have dedicated Eset pages within their own site, for all other partners this is optional.

Display Banners

A range of online display banners are provided for integration into our partners online campaigns. These include product specific and generic Eset advertising and are typically skyscrapers, MPUs and banners. Although the source code for these is not made available we will consider producing custom collateral for our gold and silver partners.

Competitor Comparisons

A wide range of competitor comparisons is kept up to date and made available to all our partners. This is typically drawn from industry reports and product reviews to ensure impartiality.