ESET Sales Support Benefits

Sales Support Benefits

Sales Training

Sales training sessions are offered throughout the UK on a regular monthly basis for any of our partners to attend. These are provided free of charge and participants come away with a range of printed collateral and a deeper understanding of Eset product range and the best way to go about getting new business.

In-house training can be provided free of charge to gold and silver partners as a general part of business or prior to a specific sales campaign.

Price Matching*

Price matching can be undertaken at the discretion of the territory sales team as requested by the channel partner. Typically we would request a copy of the price which we are looking to match and would then work closely with the channel partner to either and value or match the price.

Price Generation Tools

All of our partners receive a set of price generation tools upon opening their account. The tools can be used to calculate RRP prices, partner margins and specific sector discounts and for smaller partners a custom made quote generation tool enables the partner to create professional Eset product quotes which can then be printed or emailed out to their prospects.

Leads Program*

Through our lead generation programme we support our gold and silver partners by bringing them new prospects to work with. These highly qualified leads enable our partners to generate new business for both themselves and Eset whilst showing the commitment we have to them.

NFR License Keys*

NFR License Keys are made available to all our productive partners. New partners are provided NFR following the first six months of their account, unless they are able to indicate a well established Anti-virus business at which point NFRs will be made available immediately upon opening the account.

Deal Registration

Our deal registration scheme enables our partners to protect their business from other members of the channel. Deals can be registered against a set of criteria with our sales team at which point that prospect will be ring fenced for the registering partner. This ensures our partner’s hard work in securing the business will not be lost to another partner who seeks to win that customer on price alone.

Furthermore all renewals are automatically deal registered to the original partner to assist in customer retention and loyalty.

Partner Directory (Locator)

Our online partner directory enables our partners to place their company details on the Eset website. Any search undertaken for a partner by a potential customer through our website will display initially the highest grade partners and thereafter the geographically closest partner.