ESET Technical Benefits

Technical Benefits


To ensure an easy transition from another AV solution to ESET we are able to provide a bespoke Rip-N-Replace Service. A minimal cost is passed to the end customer as each Rip-N-Replace solution is written or spoken to suit their infrastructure and hardware.

Access to technical training

Monthly technical training sessions are provided throughout the UK and are available to all of our partners. This training is provided by the head of our technical support team, is highly hands on and enables our partners technical support team to provide the high level of first-line support to which our customers are accustomed. The sessions are one full working day with a maximum of six participants.

Technical Assistance

Our UK-based technical support teams are available seven days a week as second line support to our partners. Whilst we expect all our partners to provide first-line support should they not be available and the end user comes direct to us we will always provide the support required.

Dedicated Technical support line

To ensure a rapid response to our channel partners there is a dedicated phone line direct into our UK-based support team. Should it be necessary we will also call our partners back on site or provide live online support whilst they are with their customers.