Partner Testimonials

“Hemini Plc uses ESET as its' main vendor for Anti-virus software because it provides great protection, including eliminating pop-ups from gaming and video applications, the software is easy to install and ESET is a delightful Company to deal with” -

"AA Computer Repair Centre have used ESET Nod32 to guarantee our repaired/serviced computers for the last 8 or so years. Why?... because although we know no antivirus will give 100% protection, ESET Nod 32 is right up there as one of the smallest, best and most affordable protections there is." -

Gary McDonald – Technical Director of IT@Sea UK, " The increase in sales was due to us working directly with ESET to develop a custom solution to deliver the NOD32 Anti-virus update files over satellite connections to remote sites such as merchant shipping vessels and oil rigs. The support we get for the ESET’s UK based technical team is fantastic. ESET is now our standard when designing ICT systems for our clients." -

"Hmm, why can't all the hardware and software companies I deal with be like you guys - imagine if Microsoft, Sage, Apple, HP et al treated me the same way... bliss! I know I'm a very small fish and my clients are usually 10 seats or less, so I really appreciate being treated as if I'm not."