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  • A new web-console with drill-down possibilities

  • An independent remote administration agent

  • ESET Remote Administrator now runs on Linux too

  • Server/proxy architecture for network resilience

  • Group-centric approach

  • Automatic RIP & Replace during installation

  • Support for virtual environments

  • And much, much more...


Our latest generation of business products are brand new, and were developed following in-depth,
consultation with real users. their performance will astound you.

  • All-new web-console - as requested by you
    Our new web-console provides a perfect “look & see” security overview of your network and data visualisation with drill-down capabilities. It was developed based on in-depth consultation with IT professionals.

  • Proxy/server architecture to help your network
    Remote locations no longer need a server installation, only our new “ESET Remote Administrator Proxy” which will collect and forward aggregated data to the main server.

  • Group-centric management
    The new ESET Remote Administrator 6 provides automatic synchronisation with Active Directory. When a client enters a dynamic group, group policies are automatically triggered.

  • Independent agent acts even without connectivity
    All tasks, policies and events are run by an independent agent directly on the endpoint, even without connectivity to ESET Remote Administrator.

  • No more CALs!
    ESET is one of only two vendors to have a remote management tool that runs on Linux servers, so there's no need to pay for Microsoft Client Access Licences (CALs).

  • And there's more...
    The upcoming version was developed from scratch based on in-depth interviews with real users. Every single area was overhauled to provide maximum usability and effectiveness, in order to meet your needs.

ESET Remote Administrator


Product Overview (PDF)

  • Optimised for virtual environments
    ESET Shared Local Cache stores the metadata of scanned files so replica files on one machine are not scanned again on other virtual machines.

  • New detection techniques
    Exploit Blocker and Advanced Memory Scanner now provide even better malware detection and thus protection of your endpoints.

  • Built-In Data Access Protection
    Vulnerability Shield, Firewall, Device Control, Web Control and award-winning Anti-Phishing now protect your company data and provide great protection against unauthorised access to it.

  • New Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    It is now possible to hide the GUI completely from users - while administrators still get a full overview via ESET Remote Administrator. Touch screens and high-resolution displays.

  • RIP & Replace during installation
    Migrating to ESET has never been easier. During the installation of ESET Endpoint solutions, any redundant anti-malware is automatically detected and uninstalled - saving a lot of hassle, IT resources and time.

  • And there's more...
    ESET's new endpoint products incorporate a whole host of improvements in detection, speed, stability and usability. All of these flow from our in-depth consultation with business users.

ESET Endpoint Security


Product Overview (PDF)

ESET Endpoint Antivirus


Product Overview (PDF)

  • Application Control
    Provides administrators with the option to monitor installed applications, defines those to be blocked by specific criteria, and prompts users to uninstall them.

  • Anti-Theft
    All remote commands can be triggered by the admin via ESET Remote Administrator, sms, or directly from the admin’s product interface - useful for companies that don't use remote management, or when the admin is out of the office.

  • Device Security
    Gives the administrator a range of options to execute basic security policies across your mobile device fleet, and achieve compliance with corporate security policies.

  • There's lots more under the hood
    In addition to the features listed above, there's Anti-Phishing, integrated ESET LiveGrid®, On-charge Scanner, Local Administration, Set-up Wizards, Notification Center, Application Audit, and much much more.

ESET Endpoint Security for Android


Product Overview (PDF)

  • Endpoint Protection
    We have now integrated ESET's Live Grid® Virus Signature Monitor - with threat data collected worldwide - for even better malware detection, and our products are optimised for virtual environments.

  • Built-in Data Access Protection
    Firewall, Device Control and award-winning Anti-Phishing now protect your company data and provide great protection against unauthorised access to it.

  • Usability
    Among other usability improvements, Component-Based Installation allows you to choose which components to install, and Multiple Log Formats make it possible to save logs in common formats readable by SIEM tools.

  • And there's much more
    The latest product version for Mac brings a number of noteworthy improvements in detection, speed, stability and usability.

ESET Endpoint Security for OS X


Product Overview (PDF)

ESET Endpoint Antivirus for OS X


Product Overview (PDF)

  • Ready for real network demands
    Supports virtual environments, offers native clustering of file servers, and provides Storage Scan (NAS) to boost speed and meet the needs of complex network infrastructure.

  • Usability
    Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Provider, Component-Based Installation and ESET Log Collector provide more options and tools to enhance your user experience.

  • New detection techniques
    Exploit Blocker and Advanced Memory Scanner now provide even better malware detection and hence protection of your endpoints.

  • And there’s more
    Customisable GUI visibility and more scanning and update options are among many further improvements.

ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server


Product Overview (PDF)

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